Formatting Services
Typically I format in packages.  Most authors want a bundle of ePub files, a mobi and a pdf.  This consists of one ePub each for kobo, iTunes and Barnes and Noble, the mobi for Amazon, and a pdf for print through Amazon’s Create Space.  I usually charge around $250 for this package for manuscripts of 70,000 – 115,000 words.  End content for this package includes a newsletter page, an author bio and image, a link to your author website, and up to four links with images and blurbs for other published works.

(*** Please note that CreateSpace is moving to KDP and this may affect my pricing.)

Formatting for novellas, boxed sets, novels over 115,000 words, poetry, etc. are all available, but pricing for specific needs and smaller or larger works all depend on what you need, so please contact me with your wishlist and I will be happy to quote you a price.

I can provide Smashwords files as well, but that is a whole different animal, so, again please email me for a quote.

Editing Services
Do you need a final set of eyes to check over your manuscript for those pesky punctuation and spelling errors?  Does your manuscript require a little more TLC?  Is there a weird plot hole that you want bridged, or is a certain scene simply not suiting your voice?

I offer proofreading, copy editing and substantive editing services.   Each author’s need is as different as each book on the shelves of a library, so please email me for all quotes on editing services.