Are you a new author lost in the sea of self-publishing, floundering for a way to transform your precious manuscript into an eBook?  Perhaps you are a seasoned veteran embarking on your first journey towards the freedom of self-publishing?  No matter your experience with words, formatting a document from a text file to an ePub or print file can be a daunting, tricky and time-consuming task.

Welcome to Cactus Rose Books.  I am a self-employed book formatter happy to help you get your manuscripts right where you want them: in front of your readers.

Self-publishing is an awesome and rewarding experience.  You’ve worked so hard to get you story written, edited, reedited, and now take a deep breath and let me format your documents for you.

I provide meticulous and detailed documents, so rather than learning technical coding required for ePubs, all you have to do is upload your baby, sit back, and connect with your audience.